Toddler Behavior

Welcome to toddler tantrums! Parenting is no fun without having to negotiate with a demanding toddler. We are here to help you understand the complexities of toddler behavior.

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Toddler Behavior

Toddlerhood is sometimes referred to as terrible twos or terrible threes, and there is a reason! As a child begins to understand his or her surrounding environment and tries to get involved with it, they may want to explore several things around them. In the process they may fail, get disappointed or feel challenging. They may feel restricted by their inability to communicate what they want and what they feel. A child who feels sleepy or hungry may not recognize what he or she is feeling. They may get upset when the parents impose a ‘no’ on something they want to try. A child may want to flip the pancake but the parent may not allow for safety concerns around a gas stove. They may feel terrible if they are unable to accomplish a task that their tiny hands try to do. A child trying to stack blocks may continuously see it falling down.

As a result, they begin to express their frustrations as loud cries and tantrums. They might take a long time to settle down. And, they don’t understand yet the etiquettes of behavior in public places. They may adamantly sit on the floor of a mall refusing to get up until they get the toy they saw at the store.

It may be difficult and sometimes overwhelming for parents to handle toddler behavior. The reasoning ability of a toddler is at its infancy stage and this may make any attempt by the parent to reason out things utterly, terribly futile. It requires patience and maturity for the parents to help soothe their toddlers.

And we are here to help you sail this phase of parenting with ease and understanding with our thoughtful articles on toddler behavior.

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