Pregnancy week by week

We take you through the 40-42 weeks of your pregnancy - how your baby develops, what happens to your pregnant body and interesting tips for every week of your pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Week by Week
Pregnancy is a one-of-its kind experience. As you step into this new beginning, learn what awaits you and your baby...

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Pregnancy Week 1
If you become pregnant, this would be your first week of pregnancy. But if you want to know what’s happening...

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Pregnancy Week 2
Pregnancy week 2 could be the beginning of your beautiful journey. You’ll ovulate this week and if a sperm manages...

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Pregnancy Week 3
If all went well last week, congratulations, you are pregnant! In pregnancy week 3, the single cell (zygote) that had...

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Pregnancy Week 4
The growing embryo is planted in your uterus lining and by the end of pregnancy week 4, you might miss...

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Pregnancy Week 5
The implanted embryo has put your pregnancy hormones in action at pregnancy week 5 and you might begin to experience...

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Pregnancy Week 6
The home pregnancy test shows up a positive band at pregnancy week 6 and yes, at last the good news...

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Pregnancy Week 7
Your uterus now at pregnancy week 7 is double of how it was at week 3. If you are one...

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Pregnancy Week 8
Your OB may schedule an early pregnancy ultrasound scan at pregnancy week 8. Get ready, the thrilling moment of listening...

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Pregnancy Week 9
Your baby now at pregnancy week 9 is promoted to a fetus stage from an embryo, weighing heavier than earlier...

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Pregnancy Week 10
The blueprint of your baby’s organs is laid out by now at pregnancy week 10 and you can expect a...

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Pregnancy Week 11
At pregnancy week 11, several body organs are undergoing growth spurts inside your tiny baby. You can feel your food...

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Pregnancy Week 12
If you’ve checked yourself at the mirror all these while for signs of your growing baby, here it might come...

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Pregnancy Week 13
Pregnancy week 13 is the last week of your first trimester, that is, you’ve already traveled through 1/3 rd of...

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Pregnancy Week 14
At pregnancy week 14, your baby has doubled in weight from what he or she was last week. Pregnancy feels...

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Pregnancy Week 15
Your baby is more like a baby now at pregnancy week 15, wriggling and squirming inside all day. Don’t be...

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Pregnancy Week 16
If you haven’t, you must begin talking to your little human. Your baby can listen to voices around now at...

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Pregnancy Week 17
Feeling your baby move is one of the exciting moments of pregnancy and by now, at pregnancy week 17, your...

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Pregnancy Week 18
Your baby is busy trying a ton of activities inside and your belly is rapidly getting bigger at pregnancy week...

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Pregnancy Week 19
Are you having a boy or a girl? An ultrasound scan at pregnancy week 19 can reveal that secret to...

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Pregnancy Week 20
You are halfway through your pregnancy at week 20! Now that peace sets in after the storms of nausea, pat...

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Pregnancy week 21
Will you be surprised to know that your baby is drinking a few ounces of the amniotic fluid everyday now,...

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Pregnancy week 22
Your baby’s features are getting closer now at pregnancy week 22 to how he or she would appear at birth....

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Pregnancy week 23
If you closely follow your baby’s movements now, at pregnancy week 23, you can identify her sleep-wake routine. She might...

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Pregnancy week 24
Ding! Week 24 rings the bell for the glucose tolerance test. Even if you craved for sweets all along, this...

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Pregnancy week 25
Your baby’s baby fat is building up now at pregnancy week 25 and so is your baby’s hair. To your...

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Pregnancy week 26
Your baby is breathing now at pregnancy week 26. But if you think he is breathing air, you are wrong....

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Pregnancy week 27
Your baby’s brain and eyes are undergoing active development now at pregnancy week 27. You might experience leg cramps and...

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Pregnancy week 28
Your baby’s eye lashes are grown now at pregnancy week 28 and she may flutter them too. Your visits to...

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Pregnancy week 29
Your OB may now at pregnancy week 29 advice you to do kick counts. As long as you can feel...

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Pregnancy week 30
The anxiety towards labor may begin to crawl through your mind now at pregnancy week 30. You may also experience...

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Pregnancy week 31
At pregnancy week 31, your rapidly growing baby finds less room inside your womb and she may stretch, wriggle and...

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Pregnancy week 32
Braxton Hicks are stronger and quite frequent now at pregnancy week 32. Most babies at this stage drop in the...

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Pregnancy week 33
Believe it or not, your baby can actually open and close his eyes now at pregnancy week 33. Her brain...

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Pregnancy week 34
At pregnancy week 34, meconium (your baby’s first poo) is already in there inside her intestines and is not going...

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Pregnancy week 35
There’s too much pressure to your bladder from above now at pregnancy week 35 and you can’t help yourself from...

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Pregnancy week 36
By pregnancy week 36, your childbirth classes are completed, your hospital bag is packed and you are much into nesting....

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Pregnancy week 37
From pregnancy week 37 onwards, you will visit your OB every week. The mucus plug which protected your cervix may...

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Pregnancy week 38
By pregnancy week 38, except for lungs and brain, most of your baby’s organs are almost developed. His lungs continue...

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Pregnancy week 40
Ting-tong! You reach your official due date this week. If you already delivered your baby, congratulations mama, you made it!...

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Pregnancy week 41
You are past your due date but the baby isn’t out yet. Yes, it is a terrible feeling but as...

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Pregnancy week 42
Your frustration may overpower you now. But the good news is that if you are not going into natural labor,...

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Pregnancy week 39
All that is important now at pregnancy week 39 is to closely deal with your contractions. When they last more...

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Pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy is a one-of-its kind experience. As you step into this new beginning, learn what awaits you and your baby in the next 40-42 weeks.          

In weeks 1 to 13, that is, the first trimester, form a single cell to tiny body and limbs, your baby begins to grow rapidly in your womb during the first trimester. Strangely, in the first few weeks of your first trimester, you might not be aware that you are pregnant. Yet, there is much adventure happening inside you. If you want to know what’s happening to your baby inside in the first two weeks of your pregnancy, you’ll be surprised to hear that your baby isn’t even formed yet. Yes, your pregnancy theoretically begins on the first day of your last period even though you are not physiologically pregnant. You’ll ovulate in the second week and hurray, you’ll get pregnant in the third week. By week 4, the tiny embryo which is just a ball of cells runs down through your fallopian tube to get implanted into the uterus lining. From week 5, the implanted embryo begins to trigger your pregnancy hormones causing the early symptoms of pregnancy. By week 7, your uterus becomes double of how it was at week 3. At week 9, the embryo promotes to a fetus and by week 13, viola, you already have a bump!

With the start of the second trimester, that is, from weeks 14 to 27, you begin to sync well with your pregnancy. As the morning sickness eases away, you are energetic more than ever, you are hungry more than ever and you eat, more than ever now. This phase is often referred to as the ‘honey moon’ period of pregnancy as you aren’t as sick as you were in your first trimester and you wouldn’t be as heavier as you are going to be in the next trimester. By week 15, your baby is more like a baby, wriggling and squirming inside all day. Between 15 to 20 weeks, your OB might schedule diagnostic tests. A multiple marker screening, popularly called as Triple screen test, is to check for any neural tube defects. By week 17, you should be able to feel your baby kicking and moving inside. An ultrasound scan by week 19 can reveal if you are having a boy or a girl. By week 22, your baby’s features are getting closer to how he or she would appear at birth. At week 27, your baby’s brain and eyes are undergoing active development.

In the third trimester, from weeks 28 to 40/42, you’ve already undergone a huge metamorphosis and all that you want to happen is hold your baby in your arms. The good news is that you are not too far as you have just one-third of your pregnancy left. By week 29, you will be asked to make kick counts. By week 30, you will experience Braxton Hicks contractions which will continue to increase in intensity until labor begins. 

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