Baby Feeding

From breastfeeding tips to yummy receipes for your little one, there's a lot you can read here on baby feeding.

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Here are 5 common questions answered about breastfeeding. Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding, the breastfeeding problems of a new...

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Baby Food
In the first few months, your baby is going to be on breast milk or formula. But soon she would...

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Your Baby's Digestive Health
Your baby’s digestive system is immature and develops slowly. It is important to understand the digestive health of your baby...

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Breast Milk
We all know that breast milk is full of energy and it is the best nutrient rich drink that you...

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Breast Pumping
Breastfeeding is the best way to provide milk to your baby. Due to multiple reasons, not all mothers are able...

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Baby Rooting Reflex
Reflexes are nothing but involuntary movements or automatic actions. We will be surprised who taught our little ones to suck,...

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Formula Feeding
Formula feeding is an alternative option for women who are unable to breastfeed their child. It is important that you...

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Switching to Solids
Once you are settled down with breastfeeding and formula feed, the next thing you have to get ready for starting...

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Finger Food for Babies
Any food that is easy for your baby to pick and is bite size and the one your baby could...

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Traditional Weaning
Your baby would be completely reliant on your milk for the first six months. Weaning is the process of slowly...

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Cluster Feeding
Cluster Feeding is a breastfeeding pattern in which your baby requires short frequent feeds. It happens during the initial few...

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Breastmilk Storage and Handling
If you are using a breast pump, and planning to store and use breast milk for your baby, it is...

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Colostrum is the first food that your breasts make for your newborn. As it has innumerable benefits, it is also...

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Baby Feeding

Whether you are a pregnant mom or a new mom, if you are looking to learn and understand baby feeding better, you’ve landed on the right page.

Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding, the breastfeeding problems of a new mom, how to prepare for breastfeeding and more. Breastfeeding can provide food and nutrition for your baby’s first six months, without the requirement of any additional source of food. Certain naturally-formed proteins and antibodies present in breast milk cannot be formulated in a laboratory. It means exclusively formula-fed babies will lack these proteins. Breastfeeding is also beneficial for the mother as it eliminates the risks for breasts and ovarian cancer, helps her burn calories, and provides natural contraception among other benefits. Breastfeeding boosts your baby’s immunity, protecting her from infections, common cold and sinus. Breastfeeding also provides a bonding time between the mother and the baby. While the baby feels nurtured and close to the mother, the mother as well gets to calm down and relax during nursing.

Read about baby-led weaning from our articles - the benefits of baby-led weaning, how to read the signs that your baby is ready, how do you begin, what foods should you give and what should be aware of while going for baby-led weaning.

We also have an exclusive guide to baby food - when to start solid foods to your baby, how to get started, the best baby food to start with, recommended baby food for 0-12 months, how much solids to feed your baby and how to read the signs to stop feeding or feed more. 

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