Baby Health Tips for your Baby's Wellbeing

Don't be surprised if a question on your baby's health pops in you almost every other day. After all, it's all new for new parents! Here is the list of important information you need to know about your baby's health.

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Baby Constipation
Constipation in babies is not uncommon and most often it is taken care of with home remedies. Learn the common...

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Thrush in Babies
Thrush is a common infection in infants below 6 months of age. Though not a serious condition, thrush might stress...

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Colic Baby
Does your baby cry excessively even after feed, nappy change and a good nap? You may check in this guide...

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A normal pregnancy usually lasts for 40 weeks though most first pregnancies might extend up to 42 weeks. Prognosis of...

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Genetic Disorder Occurrence
The human body has more than 20,000 genes in each cell. Genes not only dictate eye colour but sometimes can...

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Newborn Jaundice
Some newborn babies develop jaundice. But there is nothing to panic as this is quite common. However if left untreated,...

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Slow or Poor Infant Weight Gain
It is necessary for a newborn to gain weight in the initial few months. Adequate weight gain is one of...

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Feeding Problems
Feeding problems are quite common in children and nothing to worry on it. But if your child is not having...

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Decoding your Baby's Cough
It is very unpleasant to hear your baby coughing. Cough is normal in babies and it is one of the...

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Babies and Skin Allergies
Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and requires gentle and special attention. The chances of skin allergies are high in babies....

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Sickle Cell Disease in Children
Sickle cell disease is a blood disorder in which there is abnormal production of hemoglobin. Learn the causes, symptoms of...

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Baby Health Issues
Babies face minor health issues during their first year of their lives. Most of these health issues go away on...

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Baby Health Myths
During parenting, a new mother will receive bundles of advice from friends and family members. Most of the advice would...

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Dehydration in Babies
Dehydration happens when the amount of fluids in the body becomes less, which in turn affects the basic functioning of...

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Diarrhoea in Babies
Your baby’s digestive system is developing and immature. Sometimes her stools may vary depending on the solid foods she intakes....

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Baby Vomiting
As your little one is trying to get adjusted to face a new world, she has to face many challenges....

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Baby Wheezing
Wheezing is a high pitched whistling sound that generates from the chest when your baby breathes. Wheezing is quite common...

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Febrile Seizures
Febrile seizures are convulsions that happen when a child has a high degree fever. Learn the symptoms, causes and treatment...

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Shaken Baby Syndrome
Shaken baby syndrome is a brain injury that happens as a result of forceful shaking of an infant or toddler....

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Birth Asphyxia
Birth asphyxia is defined as the lack of blood flow or oxygen to and from the fetus that happens immediately...

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Dry Baby Skin
Dry skin is quite common in babies and young children and usually there are ways to treat it easily. Here...

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Baby Health Tips for your Baby's Wellbeing

Nothing can worry down a parent than a health issue with the child. From common cold to serious disorders, there can be a number of health concerns that can affect your child. You might want to check what the symptoms you spot in your child means before you plan a visit to your pediatrician.

We have collated information on several health-related topics for babies. We detail the causes, signs and symptoms, diagnostic procedures and treatments involved for a number of pediatric health conditions.

Get informed about the common medications for babies for common problems like fever, cold, cough, diaper rash and diarrhea. We guide you what common information and home remedies you need to discuss with your pediatrician, how to make a list of it and make it accessible for your baby’s caretakers. Know what you must always have in your baby medical kit and what to carry while you travel with your baby.

We help you become a smart parent who can handle the first line of medical aids to the babies like taking the child’s temperature, immediate ways to bring down temperature, identifying emergencies and rushing the baby to the hospital and safe home remedies to attend to the common health concerns of babies. 

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