Getting Pregnant

Conceiving a life is a miracle! At ParentingDelight, we guide you how to manifest this miracle into your reality. From understanding your menstrual cycle to fertility issues, you can learn from here, all about getting pregnant.

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Getting Pregnant

If you thought having sex without a contraceptive is all that is to be done to get pregnant, you may be only partly right. Not all unprotected sex result in a pregnancy. There's certainly more to understand about getting pregnant. Explore further our helpful sections on getting pregnant.

An ovulation calculator is helpful when you are planning to conceive a baby. Use our ovulation calculator to predict your fertile days for getting pregnant.
All of us want a healthy baby, sure! You will be surprised to know that the health of your would-be baby begins even before you get pregnant. Learn how to prepare your best self for pregnancy.

Whether you are beginning to trying to conceive or have not been getting things to work for long, check mark our important tips on trying to conceive before you try the next time. You can get information on how to focus on a healthy lifestyle prior to pregnancy, how to understand your fertility window in order to time your intercourse appropriately for conception, helpful tips to keep in mind before and after sex, things that can go wrong while attempting to get pregnant and more.

Are you ready for a pregnancy test? As you cross your fingers for the big moment, get familiar with everything about pregnancy tests - what a home pregnancy test is, how it works, how early you can take a pregnancy test, its accuracy and further steps.

The first sign that you or your partner may have a fertility issue is when you have not been able to get pregnant in 12 months of unprotected sex (if you are under 35 years) or 6 months of unprotected sex (if you are 35 years or above). Better your chances of getting pregnant with our tips on fertility - best age to get pregnant, fertility risks and pregnancy complications with increasing age, treatment methods for infertility and more.

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