French Names Collection of the Most Favorite to Old Fashioned French Baby Names

French Names for Boys and Girls never runs out of trend and French names remains to be the top inspiration of name choice both by the natives and also widely preferred by parents in United States. Let the charm and grace of French names reflect on your baby, so go and make a perfect pick for your baby from our collection of favorite to old fashioned French Baby names.

French Names for Both Boys and Girls

French names for both boys and girls are known for its charm and elegance they carry. Centuries long cultural heritage and tradition have in turn left a number of riches over France and the French language. These riches are directly reflected on the French names with their unique spellings and lovely meaning they carry.

Are you a parent who is inspired by the lovely French Names or one who wish to follow the rich French tradition by naming your kid with a perfect French Name or just simply looking for French Baby Names? Whatsoever the reason may be, French Names are adorable choices to make either for a boy or for a girl and indeed it will make a perfect fit.

French names are most widely used in the entire European continent and also in American countries, in other words, French names don’t have a limited usage but loved and used by larger population across the world. From traditional French Names to Names with French origin are all listed out here for you to choose from. Get the modern, popular French names for both baby boy and baby girl right here. What are you waiting for? Look through the list of French names and start shortlisting. Good Luck on the name search..!!!

Top French Names

From the entire French Names for babies, we have listed out the names that top the list along with its meaning, so before you could check through the entire list we have these suggestions to make.

  • Amy (F)

Meaning “beloved”

  • Delphine (F)

Meaning “dolphin”

  • Fleur (F)

Meaning “flower”

  • Oceane (F)

Meaning “ocean” pronounced as aw-se-an

  • Roselle (F)

Inspired from “rose flower”

  • Collette (F)

From the French Name “Nicole”

  • Esme (F)

Meaning “esteemed or beloved”

  • Amalie (F)

French variation of name Emily

  • Lucien (M)

Meaning “light” 

  • Gael (M)

Meaning “generous lord”

  • Etienne (M)

Meaning “crown” and pronounced as ay-tee-en 

  • Breton (M)

Used for people from “Brittany, Northern France”

  • Forest (M)

Referred to “woodsman or woods”

  • Laurent (M)

Variation of French name Lawrence

  • Thayer (M)

Meaning “tailor”

  • Jean (M)

Variation of French name “John”

  • Lance (M)

Meaning “assistant”

  • Frederic (M)

Meaning “peaceful ruler”

  • Marq (M)

Meaning “the God of Mars”

  • Raydon (M)

Meaning “Counselor”

Favorite French Names

Apart from the Top French Name list, there are names that did not make up to the top French names but remain to be all time favourite French names. Here is the list of the Favourite French Names just for you.

Baby Boy Names

  • Ethan: Meaning strong or gift of the island
  • Jade: Meaning “thankful”
  • Louis:  Meaning “great knight, brave warrior”
  • Raphael: Meaning “God is Healer”
  • Lucas: Meaning “One who gives light”
  • Jacques: French version of “Jacob”
  • Quentin: Favourite name in France and named after famous celebrities
  • Tristan: A classy and lovely French name
  • Henri: Variation of French name Henry
  • Renon: Meaning “to make famous”

Favorite French Girl Names

  • Juliette: French version of Julie meaning “youthful”
  • Jeanne: French variation of Jean meaning “God is gracious”
  • Florence: From Latin word Florentius, all-time favourite girl name
  • Chloe: Cute name that will fit your baby girl the best
  • Ines: Meaning “pure” and “chaste”
  • Clara: Which means “bright and clear” sure will be delightful names for your kid
  • Gisele: A pretty French girl baby name
  • Liana: From a tropical flowering vine and means “to climb like the vine”
  • Ofilia: Another favourite French girl name to choose from
  • Reine: Meaning “queen”

Old-fashioned French Names Just for You

  • Adelson
  • Bertin
  • Cecilien
  • Claudein
  • Danton
  • Egon
  • Evenor
  • Lievin
  • Lubin
  • Theo
  • Tremeur
  • Vivant
  • Albanie
  • Amalie
  • Celinie
  • Darie
  • Gladie
  • Lucette
  • Melina
  • Renelle
  • Evodie
  • Corentine
  • Carmele
  • Aminthe
  • Clorinde
  • Ezilda

Our complete list of French Names gets you the entire collection of baby names for both boys and girls. Bonne chance..!!!

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